Little Miss Perfect

Little Miss Perfect New York
Competition Information

Open to contestants throughout the country. You do not have to reside in the area or state of the preliminary pageant you compete in!



Age Divisions: • 4-6 years
• 7-9 years

• New York's Little Miss Perfect Crown
• New York's Little Miss Perfect Sash
• New York's Little Miss Perfect Trophy
• National Entry fee paid to the Little Miss Citrus Pageant ($350)
• American Girl Doll

Competition Categories: • Dressy Dresses
Each model must wear and outfit of choice that includes denim. The outfit does not need to be all denim just needs to have some form of denim. Have fun bling it out. This is your time to shine!

2 Optionals: • New York’s Perfect Little SUPERMODEL
• New York’s Perfect Little BEAUTY
New York’s Perfect little HOSTESS
(Awarded to the Contestant who sells the most ad pages)



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